The Monster Squad...

Horror Fan, Brother, Bearded Lover. Jay is a Wrasslin' fan and father of two. Like Mulder, Jay wants to believe! Jay once spent a week excitedly convinced that alien abductions were real after watching 'The Fourth Kind' (2009). His friends had serious discussions about how to break it to him gently that the film is entirely made up. Thankfully, after a few days of wearing a tin hat, the situation resolved itself when Jay informed us that he'd read an interview that revealed the trick. His disappointment at loosing proof of aliens was palpable, our relief that we didn't have to break the news was great. Jay's eldest shares his love of Creature Features, and his family hold weekly film nights of the past classics.
BtBL Jay
Mike will always find and gravitate toward the odd, the bizarre, the creepy weirdness that lurks in the shadows. Funnily enough this is how many describe Mike himself. An avid collector of all things sick, sexy and twisted, he seems most to enjoy disturbing and exasperating his partner with new and bizarre items to display in their home. Mike is also a collector of useless and disturbing facts; did you know that Disney's Haunted Mansion ride is covered in human cremated ashes? Mike Knows.
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